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The bookstore is an ever-growing list of books on learning Hebrew, Jewish Renewal, and more. See below for listing of categories.

Jewish Renewal Books
Reconstructionist Books
Abraham Joshua Heschel
Environmental, EcoKashrut, & Vegetarian
Gay/ GLBT and Jewish
Learning Hebrew
Chumash and Tanakh
Other/ Miscellaneous
Converting to Judaism
Judaism & Gender

Jewish Renewal Books

Jewish With Feeling : A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Practice (Hardcover)
by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Joel Segel

Wrapped in a Holy Flame
by Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi (Editor), Nataniel M. Miles-Yepez (Editor)

First Steps to a New Jewish Spirit
by Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi

Paradigm Shift

by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi


The Path of Blessing: Experiencing the Energy and Abundance of the Divine

by Marcia Prager


Down-To-earth Judaism : Food, Money, Sex, And The Rest Of Life

by Arthur Waskow


Seasons of Our Joy

by Arthur Waskow

More from the Aleph Catalog



Reconstructionist Books
Abraham Joshua Heschel

The Sabbath (Paperback)
by Abraham Joshua Heschel


G-d in Search of Man
by Abraham Joshua Heschel


Man Is Not Alone
by Abraham Joshua Heschel


Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity
by Abraham Joshua Heschel, Susannah Heschel (Editor)


The Earth Is the Lord's
by Abraham Joshua Heschel


Learning Hebrew



Aleph Isn't Tough: An Introduction to Hebrew for Adults (Book 1)
by Linda Motzkin, Hara Person (Editor)
Publisher: Union of American Hebrew Congregations; (June 2003)

ISBN: 0807407267


Learn Hebrew Today: Alef-Bet for Adults
by Howard I. Bogot (Contributor), Paul Michael Yedwab
Publisher: Union of American Hebrew Congregations; (November 1998)

ISBN: 0807404837

Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew
by Ethelyn Simon, Joseph Anderson

Publisher: Eks Pub Co; 2nd Revision edition (July 1985)

ISBN: 0939144115


Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way
by Joseph Anderson, Linda Motzkin, Laurence Wiseman

Publisher: Eks Pub Co; 3rd edition (February 1, 2000)

ISBN: 0939144328


The First Hebrew Primer: Third Edition
by Ethelyn Simon, Stahl. Simon, Linda Motzkin, Irene Resnikoff

Publisher: Eks Pub Co; 3rd edition (February 1992)

ISBN: 0939144158


Answer Book for The First Hebrew Primer
by Ethelyn Simon, Dorey Brandt-Finell

Publisher: Eks Pub Co; 3rd edition (August 1997)

ISBN: 0939144166


HaYesod: Fundamentals of Hebrew. New Ed
by Luba Uveeler, Uveller, Bronznick
Publisher: Philipp Feldheim; (September 1997)

ISBN: 0873062140


Readings in Biblical Hebrew: An Intermediate Textbook (Yale Language)
by Ehud Ben Zvi, Maxine Hancock (Editor), Richard Beinert (Editor), Ehud Ben Zvi

Publisher: Yale Univ Pr; (November 1993)

ISBN: 0300055730


Modern Hebrew for Beginners
by Esther Raizen


Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students
by Esther Raizen


A Reference Grammar of Modern Hebrew
by Edna Amir Coffin


Modern Hebrew
by Lewis Glinert


501 Hebrew Verbs
by Shmuel Bolozky


Dictionaries and Lexicons

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
by Francis Brown, S. Driver, C. Briggs
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers, Inc.; Reprint edition (March 1, 1996)

ISBN: 1565632060


Up-To-Date Dictionary: English-Hebrew/Hebrew-English
by Shimon Zilberman

Publisher: Gefen Books; (2000)

ISBN: 0785996540


Complete English Hebrew Dictionary
by Ruben Alcalay
Publisher: Media Judaica; (June 1965)

ISBN: 9998148596


Learning Trop

The Art of Torah Cantillation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Chanting Torah
by Marshall Portnoy, Josee Wolff

Publisher: Union of American Hebrew Congregations; 1 edition (January 15, 2000)

ISBN: 0807407348


The Art of Torah Cantillation: Volume 2: A Step-By-Step Guide to Chanting Haftarot and Megilot
by Marshall Portnoy, Josee Wolff
Publisher: UAHC Press; (March 2002)

ISBN: 0807407569




Gay/ GLBT and Jewish

Wrestling With God and Men: Homosexuality and the Jewish Tradition
by Rabbi Steven Greenberg

Twice Blessed

by Christie Balka (Editor), Andy Rose (Editor)

Queer Jews

by David Shneer (Editor), Caryn Aviv (Editor)


Found Tribe: Jewish Coming Out Stories

by Lawrence Schimel (Editor)


Journeys & Arrivals: On Being Gay and Jewish

by Lev Raphael


by Angela Brown (Editor)


Lesbian Rabbis
by Rebecca T. Alpert


Like Bread on the Seder Plate
by Rebecca Alpert


Judaism and Homosexuality: An Authentic Orthodox View
by Rabbi Chaim Rapoport


Queer Theory and the Jewish Question
by Daniel Boyarin, Daniel Itzkovitz, Ann Pellegrini


Queer Commentary and the Hebrew Bible (Journal for the Study of the Old Testament. Supplement Series, 334)
by Ken Stone (Editor)


Vegetarian and Ecokashrut

Vegetarian Judaism: A Guide for Everyone (Paperback)
by Roberta Kalechofsky



Chumash & Tanakh

Artscroll Chumash

Artscroll Tanach


Etz Hayim
by David L. Lieber (Editor), Jules Harlow (Editor)


The Five Books of Moses
by Dr. Everett Fox




From Artscroll


From the Aleph Catalog



Other/ Miscellaneous


The First Jewish Catalog; A Do-It-Yourself Kit
by Michael Strassfeld, Richard Siegel


The Second Jewish Catalog
by Michael Strassfeld


The Third Jewish Catalog
by Michael Strassfeld


Converting to Judaism

Choosing a Jewish Life
by Anita Diamant


Choosing Judaism
by Lydia Kukoff


Converting to Judaism - Choosing to Be Chosen
by Rabbi Bernice K. Weiss

Embracing the Covenant
by Allan L. Berkowitz


Embracing Judaism
by Simcha Kling, Carl M. Perkins


Becoming a Jew
by Maurice Lamm


Judaism & Gender

Why Aren't Jewish Women Circumcised?
by Shaye J. D. Cohen


Engendering Judaism
by Rachel Adler


The Receiving
by Tirzah Firestone

Yentl's Revenge
by Susannah Heschel (Foreword), Danya Ruttenberg (Editor)


Auto/ Biographies

One God Clapping
by Alan Lew


With Roots in Heaven
by Rabbi Tirzah Firestone


Fräulein Rabbiner Jonas
by Elisa Klapheck, Toby Axelrod



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