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Welcome to the Yosef's Dreams art gallery. This is a gallery of digital Jewish art & poetry art with a variety of themes, and a small selection of Judaic designs. (Please go here to see all designs.) Scroll down to browse the gallery. You may read about each piece, and click on the appropriate link to view a larger image. The right column also includes links to purchase a print (or other item--see this page for all purchase options). Please note that not all items are for sale. You may also browse purchase options in the Purchase section of this site.

Jewish Art

A sefer Torah is open against the backdrop of a tallit.
A digital art piece showing the crossing of the Sea at Passover. A line of women dance two by two between curving blue waves of water, towards Sinai and freedom in the distance. This digital piece has fine watercolor effects and gentle, earthtone colors.
Assiyah, Yetzirah, Briyah, Atzilut An artist's conception of the idea of the Four Worlds. Learn more about 4 Worlds
Breisheet. Genesis. Beginnings. A digital art piece incorporating cosmic and earthly scenes with Hebrew lettering.

A poem about learning from the trees, Judaism, and Tu BiShevat, accompanied by a digital art piece of a tree's spreading branches. View text of poem.
Digital art incorporating a coastline and a questing person, accompanied by a poem about the loss and growth of faith and feeling near to and far from G-d. View text of poem
Kissing doorposts: a poem about faith, doubt, G-d, and the mezuzah, with digital art to accompany it. Original Jewish art and poetry piece. View text of poem
A poem about music, tzitzit, and seeing through another's eyes, with digital watercolor art portraying a guitar and tallit, with the Hebrew words "shir chadash". View text of poem


A Shabbat candlelighting..hands are held over two candles, bringing in the light of Shabbat. The presence of the Shekhina hovers over the glow of the candles.
"David danced with all his strength before HASHEM..."--II Samuel 6:14 David haMelech dances ecstatically before G-d and the Holy Ark in a Biblical-themed art work full of swirling movement.
"David danced with all his strength before HASHEM..."--II Samuel 6:14 David haMelech dances ecstatically before G-d and the Holy Ark in a Biblical-themed art work.
"The sons of Aaron...brought before HASHEM a strange fire..."--Leviticus 10:1 (Parashat Shemini) The offering of strange fire by Aharon's sons. Full of bright color, with the words "Strange Fire" in Hebrew. Nadav and Avihu stand facing each other, fire between them

The spring of Torah emerges from a fountain, with a golden menorah.
This piece is a representation of parts of the Biblical stories of Yosef. Represented are one of his dreams, in the form of sun, moon, and stars; his coat of many colors in a prominent place in the foreground of the picture, as his hands are held up, his body with a silhouette of the starry night sky to represent him as a dreamer. In a corner, he reaches out of darkness. At the top of the picture his eyes symbolize his visions. The words "Hear this dream I dreamed" in Hebrew are included.

A stylized menorah of flame and earth. The branches are flame-patterned; the base has an Earth pattern.


Jewish Designs

Logo designed for Chadeish Yameinu, the Jewish Renewal community of Santa Cruz, CA.Find out more about Chadeish Yameinu at their website, www.cysantacruz.org
A dove with an Earth pattern flies over the words "Hope" in English and "Tikvah" in bright, flaming Hebrew letters. A simple peace design with a Judaic theme.

"Jew for Peace" around a peace symbol, in a tree of life / stylized menorah.

hai - life - and a fierce menorah against the backdrop of a flaming sun.
"Vegetarian" in Hebrew and English and a stylized menorah made of greenery. For Jewish vegetarians.
A brightly colored rainbow menorah, constructed out of Hegrew letters.

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